A Testimony of God's Grace: Thi'sl

I had the privalege of seeing Thi'sl perform live last Friday in Dallas.  He is an ex-hustler turned urban missionary from St. Louis, looking to continue making a positive impact on his city.  Check out his full biography HERE and below is a short video of his performance this past weekend.  


Man my hood they proud of me,

They see me on my grind, they could be looking down on me,

At a gravesite, all them days I'm cooking up that hard white,

Could be in that peniten' walking out that yard life

MUSIC: Paradise feat. Grace - Promised Land

Dallas DJ, Paradise, has released a new song called Promised Land (feat. Grace). After his chart topping cover of Hillsong's hit "Oceans", he's back with another killer track.  As Paradise continues to spread positivity throughout EDM culture, I'm excited to see where his music continues to go.  "Promised Land" has been blogged at Dancing Astronaut.

Purchase: Beatport

Lyrics to "Promised Land" can be found HERE.